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Have you had your annual functional blood test analysis?

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Your insurance doctor may do a blood test to rule out various diseases, but what about that gray area between health and disease? This is a very important stage where, if you have effective intervention many diseases can be prevented and a more optimal level of health can be achieved.

Stresses of all kinds begin to take their toll on the body and eventually dysfunction results. If the stresses continue, this dysfunction leads to symptoms. If we don’t heed the warning that the symptoms represent, we might allow a dysfunction to develop into a full-blown disease. For example, it takes many years of stress and poor dietary habits to build up the amount of plaque in the arteries needed to end up with blocked and hardened arteries. Much can be done to prevent this and many other diseases and illnesses. Functional medicine and Functional Blood Testing Analysis is the field of health care focused upon early detection and effective treatment of body dysfunctions and nutrient deficiencies.

Clinical Ranges versus Optimal Ranges

The lab determines the normal range of a blood test by calculating the average of all the people tested. This is called the clinical or pathological range. The problem is that the people tested don’t represent a healthy population. So being within the normal range of a sick population is not such a good deal!

The optimal range is a much narrower range that represents normal values for a healthy population. In functional medicine, we use these ranges in our analysis of a blood test. Then diet, hands-on treatments, life-style modifications, and nutritional supplements documented in the scientific literature are recommended to help bring test values back into the normal healthy range. Follow up testing determines if the mission has been accomplished. Having a complete blood test is an important step in achieving your health goals.

How to order your functional blood test analysis. Cost $250.00

Before ordering, please read over the steps below.  Complete steps 1-4 below to receive your detailed diagnostic report.  It can be purchased online after filling out the medabolic assessment form.

Please register with

Please register with

First, please click this link to register with with our website .  Registration is required in order to complete the online purchase of your functional blood test analysis.  If you have previously registered, you may log-in here.   Note:  A copy of your log-in username/password will also be emailed to you.  After registering, check the "Inbox" or your "Spam"folder in your mail program.

Complete our online form, letting us know your symptoms.

Fill out our online metabolic assessment form.

Next, click here to complete our online metabolic assessment form . It is both secure and confidential.  It is an important diagnostic tool which we use to assess your present health. Your answers will help to key us in to any existing or potential future health problems. Both our office and you will receive a copy of the blood test results.  Note: On this online form you can let us know the LabCorp location where you will be having your blood drawn. 

Purchase your blood test online.

Purchase your blood test analysis and other clinical tests online.

Use this link to safely and securely purchase your blood test analysis through Paypal. The present cost of this analysis is $250.00 (US).  For future reference, we also offer additional testing and analysis services such as GI profile, expanded male hormone panel, expanded postmenuapause, female hormone, bone health,  and adrenal stress panels.  These can also be purchased in our online store.

Have your blood drawn at LabCorp

Have your blood drawn at LabCorp

As soon as we receive both your metabolic assessment form and payment for your test, we will forward the proper paperwork to LabCorp.  This way it will be there when you go to have your blood drawn.  Your order is good for 3 months, but we recommend that you do not delay.  Note: You do not need to make an appointment with LabCorp.  Advanced Laboratory Services will send a phlebotomist to your home to draw your blood for your fasting blood panel for an additional $50 draw fee (Call the clinic to set up this service at (727)-518-9808)

Receive a detailed report on your blood.

Receive your personalized blood analysis report

Within about 4 days, we should have your test results back from LabCorp.  We will then put together a personalized, detailed report for you.  Your report should be ready to mail to you in about a week after receiving your lab results from LabCorp. Read Frequently asked questions .

Email us questions, or get a 30 minute phone consultation

Contact us with questions.

Part of this exciting program includes your ability to ask questions regarding your test results. You'll have the option of either emailing us your questions, or scheduling a one-time 30 minute phone consultation with us.

Become a patient of Orthomolecular Nutrition & Wellness Center

Begin the journey to good health as a new patient.

For those seeking medical treatment, we are now accepting new patients in our office on Ulmerton road in Largo. You are welcome to call for an appointment at 727-518-9808

Additional medical services that we offer include:

Children's Health, Infared Saunas, Functional Health Analysis, Functional Medicine
hCG Weight Loss, Multi Approach Detoxification, IV Nutrient Therapy, Pain Management.

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Feel Better Now!

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Are you "sick and tired" of being sick and tired? Find out more about Orthomolecular Nutrition , and how it can improve your health by visiting our sister site at

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Patient Testimonials

"I have noticed a definite improvement in my overall health since I began treatment through your office, approx. 1 1/2 years ago. I find myself a bit more active, sleeping less (was all day), with less chronic pain.

Don't get me wrong, I am still sick, and in pain, but my condition seems to be slowly improving over time as I continue treatment at Orthomolecular.

Unfortunately, I have Stage-2 Lupus, a serious immune system disorder, and systemic disease that causes, among other things, severe muscle pain, joint swelling, organ failure. Basically, you feel like a Mack truck hit you every waking moment of your day."

Until I met the practitioners of Orthomolecular Nutrition & Wellness Center, I had little hope or ever feeling better. In fact, I was diagnosed with the onset of leukemia 1 1/2 years ago by my Rheumatologist. This is when I first became a patient at Orthomolecular.

Miraculously, after receiving several metabolic infusions (IV drips) through your office, I was later told by my Rheumatologist that my leukemia symptoms had gone away. You can't imagine what a relief that was.

The practitioners at Orthomolecular are genuinely kind and caring people. I would recommend their medical services to anyone that wants to get healthy. They are helping me to get better. They can help you too.

-Pam H. Seminole, FL

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